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 In everything that uses a key there’s always the chances of an emergency occurring. Whether it’s replacing of a broken a broken lock or making another key for a misplaced one, as a locksmith company we ensure that any of this time we avail ourselves providing the fasted services when it comes to all kinds of keys.

Why choose us

90401 locksmith is dedicated to providing the best client services to all customers while still reaching and surpassing industry standards. Carrying state of the art equipment to your company or home doorstep, we offer solutions in depending on your needs. Thus whether it’s a problem in with your business, or just a change for advancement in the market, we have you covered. 

As a 90401 locksmith we deal in the various types of locks available. Gone are the days that you have to settle down for a locksmith that comes with a welding tool to cut off a section of your door. With professionals at hand, we ensure that we come to your doorstep and business area and keep the standards available. Priding ourselves as one of the best Auto locksmith in 90401, designed master locks for industries and corporations are something we take pride in handling. On the other hand as a locksmith company we want the very best when it comes to security for you. Thus we will ensure that you get the very best in advice in locks that are the very best in the market to effectively ensure security for all premises.

Time is of the essence and as a locksmith company we value your time. In the event an emergency occurs you are assured of getting in touch with a friendly customer service team to get your details. Sending a capable locksmith is given priority in within the hour. On the other hand as emergencies can also occur at night you will be able to get in touch regardless of the time. As Locksmith Santa Monica we are different in that we are always available. This way the worry about calling in for an emergency at the wee hours of the morning is erased, as we will promptly respond to all emergencies on time.

Adhering to our own set code of ethics, confidentiality is of high importance and as that we ensure to act professionally keeping a strict code of conduct. Hence whether it’s your car or house or business you are always secure in our hands.

Variety of services

As a 90401 locksmith, we not only deal with car locksmiths 90401 or auto locksmiths in 90401 as we want to ensure client satisfaction. In this regard we ensure that we deal in a variety services that deal with locks. Lock change and lock repair, installation of new locks, master re-keying and door locks are some of the services normally done. On the other hand with the help of our car locksmith 90401 we also deal with car lockouts and opening of jammed cars, ignition key copying and traditional boot keys for cars. Office areas we ensure we help in file cabinets key, buzzer systems and emergency exit lock repairs among other services are also done.


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