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If you are having trouble with locks at home or your car locks you don’t have to spend the night out in the cold or you don’t have to walk home since you can’t access your vehicle ; you definitely need to come and pay us a visit for we have got all your key and lock solutions right here with us.

We at the Santa Monica locksmith specialize in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of dysfunctional locks . . . Yes incase you were wondering we do repairs and maintenance of any types locks. For locks that were previously bought from our suppliers we do the repair and maintenance for free in which its in a rare occurrence to fix one of our own for the locks we make are meant to last for longer periods of time.

At the Santa Monica locksmith we have a 24 hour team that is put to task ready to deal with any kinds of lock malfunction at any corner of the country. You don’t have to worry whenever your house or car keys get lost for we have got your back all you have to do is give us a call and we will be right there where you might be and sort you out. In that case we will unlock whatever is it that you need to unlock and within the day we will make sure you get a new key from our company.

We also install locks. For those of you who are in the building and construction industries we can take up the job and install all the locks that need to be installed in your construction. We install all sort of locks on doors and windows starting from timber door, metallic doors and also plastic doors. Car locks are also another thing that we do installation very well.

For those of you who need repairs on locks you can either bring the lock to us you can give us a call and we will come wherever you are and fix the broken lock for you. In cases where we might need to replace the lock completely we will still have extra locks to replace yours, so if you are in need of a cheap locksmith in santa monica give us a call as we are here to provide great service 24/7.

Of late at the Santa Monica locksmith have adapted to with the changes in technology we have also come up with a team that specializes in automatic locks who we call the auto locksmiths. This special team of locksmiths work on locks which lock and unlock automatically usually electrical. These are locks which require cutting edge experience , knowledge and technology in the manufacturing and hence require qualified personnel for repairs and we at the Santa Monica locksmith have those experts that you need.If you vault door malfunctions either at home, office or in the bank our team of experts who are honest and trustworthy people will come and fix it for you.

Here at the Santa Monica Locksmith industries we understand and value customer confidentiality above all else and we acknowledge the risk it posses letting someone to mingle with your locks but we assure you that your secrets are safe with us and we too value your trust. Seeing your house or car locked and safe from any form of theft is our goal to keep all that you value safe.